Alignment Team Work 

Align Southern Indiana is all about bringing the best thinking in the community to bear on issues that affect the overall wellness of Southern Indiana's children.

To that end, Align Southern Indiana is made up of Alignment Teams structured around either grade levels or health issues. The members of the teams bring diverse perspectives — small non-profit, public school, city government, public health, higher education, large non-profit, and the business community — to create the most aligned, strategic tactical plans to achieve very ambitious goals.


 Alignment Team Process 

The team process is what sets Align Southern Indiana apart from other similar collaborative initiatives. This process ensures that all team work is thoroughly planned, engages a diverse group of stakeholders representing public schools and community organizations, and is sufficiently evaluated before becoming institutionalized. To learn more about the Alignment Process and the other Alignment tools, visit our Alignment toolset page.


 Get Involved 

The first step in becoming involved in an Align Southern Indiana collaborative initiative is to review our current Invitations to Participate (ITPs), which provide a description of each collaborative initiative as well as examples of how your organization can participate. After reviewing the ITP, you can submit a response online to let the Align Southern Indiana team know how your organization can collaborate. More detailed instructions can be found within each ITP.


 Alignment Team Membership 

Team members are selected by the Chairpersons of the Alignment Team based on their expertise in particular areas relevant to the team's mission and vision. Members are not chosen to represent their organizational interests – they are chosen for their community perspective.


Guiding Principles

  1. We will engage and align governments, education, civic, business leadership and nonprofits throughout the region with strategies for moving our region forward without regard to geographical and/or personal interests. 
  2. Our work is generational and requires long-term commitments of all stakeholders to achieve access to opportunity for all residents and foster regional engagement that will result in a high quality of life in our region. 
  3. We believe that we are strong, more effective and have greater impact when we work together to foster and sustain an environment where there is innovative thinking, diversity of ideas, mutual trust, and transparency with a spirit of collaboration that will move our region forward.  
  4. We are committed to an innovative and systems thinking approach to produce and advocate for successful methods resulting in measurable outcomes for all residents in the region recognizing the diverse individualized community needs. 
  5. We will seek common ground to engage and educate our elected leadership on strategies to achieve our goals.