Principles ensure that our work is focused on systemic change or change that involves new ways of applying resources to underlying causes. Systemic change happens when an outcome or goal has been attained; the result is either that the cause of the problem is eliminated, or programs, policies, funding streams and/ or services are permanently altered to reduce the impact of the problem on a long-term basis. The Principle tool is critical to developing a working culture among many stakeholder groups. Communities develop and adopt their own Principles that are relevant to their environment and needs.


Align Southern Indiana's Guiding Principles guide our work as an organization. They are as follows:

  1. We will engage and align governments, education, civic, business leadership and nonprofits throughout the region with strategies for moving our region forward without regard to geographical and/or personal interests. 
  2. Our work is generational and requires long-term commitments of all stakeholders to achieve access to opportunity for all residents and foster regional engagement that will result in a high quality of life in our region. 
  3. We believe that we are strong, more effective and have greater impact when we work together to foster and sustain an environment where there is innovative thinking, diversity of ideas, mutual trust, and transparency with a spirit of collaboration that will move our region forward.  
  4. We are committed to an innovative and systems thinking approach to produce and advocate for successful methods resulting in measurable outcomes for all residents in the region recognizing the diverse individualized community needs. 
  5. We will seek common ground to engage and educate our elected leadership on strategies to achieve our goals.